The shopping, sites and sounds of New York are spread all over and not in one central location:


There are many ways to get from our location to the many shops, sites and sounds that New York has to offer.

Things to note: We are one block from the Number 6 Subway line and walking distance to many attractions.


Times Square: Take the Number 6 Subway to 42nd street walk 5 blocks west or take the shuttle accross.



The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Take the Number 6 Subway train to 86th Street and walk three blocks west to Fifth Avenue; or take the M1, M2, M3, or M4 bus along Fifth Avenue (from uptown locations) to 82nd Street or along Madison Avenue (from downtown locations) to 83rd Street. This is also with walking distance from our building.


The Museum of Modern Art - Number 6 Subway train to 51st Street, transfer to the E or V train; one stop to 53rd Street and Fifth Avenue.


Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum - To reach the museum by subway, take the Number 6 Subway train to 86th Street. Walk west on 86th Street, turn right at 5th Avenue and proceed north to 88th Street. This is also with walking distance from our building.


Whitney Museum of American Art - Number 6 Subway train to 77th Street (walk two blocks west to Madison Avenue)


American Museum of Natural History - Take Number 6 Subway train to 77th. Then transfer to the M79 bus travels east/west on W. 79th Street across Central Park, with a stop next to the Museum on W. 81st Street.

Hayden Planetarium - Take Number 6 Subway train to 77th. Then transfer to the M79 bus travels east/west on W. 79th Street across Central Park, with a stop next to the Museum on W. 81st Street. (The Office of the Director of the Hayden Planetarium operates out of the Department of Astrophysics at the American Museum of Natural History)


New York Aquarium - Number 6 Subway train to 59th street transfer to the F train to the West 8th Street station in Coney Island, Brooklyn

The Morgan Library & Museum - Number 6 Subway train to 33rd street. 


Points of Interest

Central Park: 
Central Park is walking distance of 2 blocks from our location. (Less than 3 minutes walk) 

Empire States Building: 
Number 6 Subway to 59th Street - transfer to the F Subway train to 34th Street & Avenues of The Americas. You can also take the Number 6 Subway to 33rd Street and walk 3 blocks west. (Approx. 15 minutes)


Lincoln Center:
Number 6 Subway to 68th Street transfer to the M66 Bus from E 67 St and Lexington Av station heading to West Side. Get off at Columbus Avenue. (Approx 20 minutes) 

The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island:
Take the Number 6 Subway to 86th street. Transfer to the 5 or 4 Subway train (downtown) get off at Bowling Green station. (Approx 15 - 20 minutes) 

Rockefeller Center:
Take the Number 6 Subway to 51st street & Lexington Avenue. Walk west to 5th Avenue to Rockfeller Center. (Approx 10 Minutes) 

The United Nations:
Take the Number 6 Subway to 42nd street. (Approx 10 - 12 Minutes)

Grand Central Station: 
Take the Number 6 Subway to 42nd street. (Approx 10 - 12 minutes) 

Brooklyn Bridge: 
Take the Number 6 Subway to Brooklyn Bridge Stop (Last Stop on train) (Approx 15 - 20 minutes)


Broadway begins at 45th Street & Broadway. Number 6 Subway to 59th Street. Transfer to the F train to 42nd street. You can also take the Number 6 Subway to 42nd street and walk 5 blocks West. 


It is very difficult to pin point all the great areas of shopping as they are spread all over New York. However, we are located close to Park & Madison Avenues. Madison Avenue is famously known as the world's premier shopping district for the finest food, opulent merchandise, luxury lodging and services available anywhere. Between 57th Street and 95th Street, Madison Avenue is identified as “the fashionable road”. In this area is where most of the very well known fashion designers and upper class hair salons are located.Other areas may have their impressive retail strips, but Madison Avenue is the world's most famous retail address. 

Park Avenue, has prominant astounding architectures, as well as great antique and painting galleries. The upper part of Park Avenue (around the 90's) is know for it's wealthy neighbourhood with landmark buildings. 

(portions below taken from


Bloomingdales: 1000 Third Avenue (at 59th St.) Occupying an entire square block, Manhattan's fashionable eastside department store has been offering the world's finest in fashion and home furnishings since 1927.Bloomingdale's is popular with New Yorkers and tourists alike and is affectionately known as Bloomie's.


Century 21: 22 Cortlandt St. (1/2 block from Broadway, downtown Manhattan). The "downtown" department store has Huge variety of Men's, Ladies & Children's Clothing and Shoes,  Lingerie,  Linens, Cosmetics,  Accessories,  Handbags,  Luggage, Housewares, Giftware, Electronics at great prices.


H&M: 5th Ave & 51st St , 34th St & Broadway, 558 Broadway (SOHO). Clothes for every taste at unbeatable prices. 


Lord & Taylor: 424 5th Ave. (at 38th St.) Renowned department store sells a variety of formal and business casual wear. 


Macy’s: Broadway at 34th Street. One of NYC's most famous icons of shopping opened in 1902. With 10 floors and half a million items for sale. 


Saks Fifth Ave.: 611 5th Ave. One of the most famous retailers in the world, this elegant department store has been dressing the well-heeled since 1902. Saks Fifth Avenue welcomes all to shop amid its luxurious environment for men's and women's clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, fragrances and accessories. 


South Street Seaport: Fulton St & East River. Shopping complex. Lots of clothing stores and restaurants. The view of the Brooklyn Bridge is spectacular from the top floor of the shopping mall. 


Note: Sellers of fake Rolex watches, Fendi, Gucci  and Coach bags are stationed on sidewalks on 5th Ave. while Canal Street is lined with a huge number stores and street vendors that sell counterfeit watches and clothes. Don't be fooled.